About US

The Bold Version


The idea for Bold Version began when founder Victor Coreas was making some silkscreen prints from his personal drawings and hand lettered pieces. Tired of the same old designs with no emotional connection, he turned his personal sketches into statement pieces for the unique at heart.

At Bold Version, our designs are inspired by the world around us and the passion inside us. What you’ll find in our posters and clothing are bright colors, minimal lines, classic and modern typography, and a vintage feel. Each design comes from a moment that moved us.

With these pieces, we hope you will be equally as moved to create your own experience. Capture a sunset with your feet in the sand. Explore the forest with your boots in the mud. Take it all in.

Let our designs remind you of your favorite place to BE, not just SEE.


Victor Coreas is an artist, graphic designer, and founder of Bold Version. But really, he’s a big kid with a passion for skateboarding, fútbol and music.

Growing up on Long Island in a creative family gave him the kick start he needed for a career in design. Inspiration took hold through travel and exploration. Now transported to the Hudson Valley with his wife and son, his unique designs continue to emerge from his experiences. 
When it’s time to explore a new direction in design, Victor looks to his hobbies and passions. Never satisfied with the norm he has a constant desire to create something new and learn from the world around him.

The designs for bold version stem from hand draw concepts. Sketches are scanned to become digital art; watercolors make their way to a scrap of paper; painting is done directly on wood. Each medium creates a new technique and form. 
Fonts are unique and custom created, from wood hand painted signs to brush lettering  and calligraphy. 
“For me, it is about creating something that looks great and is presented in a new way. I am always seeking out new ways to challenge myself and creating new things."